Discourse I

Discourse on spirit and intellect.
1. The activity of productive art is an energetic flow of spirit, intellect and emotion.

2. Music is creation of the ethical judgements, it exists in another dimension, and its core is pre-found in the ether. The ether is pure, and indivisible, and complete mercy of God. Hear, you composer, what are you writing now, for whom, and what will you transmit to the environment? It is not aesthetics, but the high valuable judgement of principles you stand for! The aesthetic values is just a package of your thoughts. The truth is only criterion of the art!

3. All music is an energetic system of ethical judgements and therefore all music is facing a moral judgment and in relation to the ethical principles.
The complete, indivisible art is found in soul’s moral pleasure in assembling the musical matter. If a listener is unable to assemble the musical matter so that he/she can hear the truth, which is the main criterion, than this music is done by false premises; false either in the dissembling or in the truth.

4. The possibility to assemble again the musical matter induces a replication of energetic flow of the spirit and emotion to other persons, who participate in music.
Therefore the act [acting] of musical composing is not to make a construction of correct dimensions, but more – to un-compose the Truth which will listeners be able to re-assembly again. The correct dimensions are those of soul, but never of numbers, since the correctness existed before numbers, as said, in the mercy of God.

5. If listeners are lost in corridors of the intellectual judgements [understanding] in a piece of musical art, the meaning of the construction [in numbers] is useless.
Therefore, the intellectual state is a very low level of awareness.

6. The awareness in mechanics is those revealed in numbers.
For, the art can not be attainable if it concerns only the mechanics of the numbers. Today we witness a degradation of musical art by explaining it just by numbers.
The true freedom can create the true art. Only a constantly improvising mind can create.
Non-free artist is one who aspires to achieve the goal of correctness of his art by intellectualizing and conceptualizing only. This way of logic activity leads to absolute entropy: a non moving universe, still and cold.

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