Discourses of an ascetic

ASCETIC DISCOURSE is a cantata for voice and chamber ensemble. The music is inspired by contemplative text of Abba Philimon, taken from an old Byzantine spiritual collection called “Philokalia” and it is my try to mirror it musically on an intimate, and pure personal, level.

Technically, there are many layers of musical ideas which I put together: a peaceful unison singing from the Russian north, harmonics of the church bells, ison, ornaments of the byzantine chant and so on.
I have found and learned from all this that the beauty is found in simplicity, in unison simplicity.

“Ascetic Discourse” is a modern hesychastic hymn of an apophatic character, it is my personal need to create music that descends deep in to the silence and finds there the sweetness of the hart, music without time. DZ.

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