My New Music

My new music.

  • Music must essentially be made
    of a simple foundation,
    the substances are simple
    because the spirit is simple;
  • Out from that absolute simplicity
    follows a complex soul,
    as the complex soul arises
    through its own manifestation
    (instrumentation, form, layer …)
    in freedom in total love;
  • The formal structure by itself —
    be it vertical and horizontal —
    is one that is solid.
    The uniformity of the work
    is like a steal monument
    poured out from one part,
    as singularity is in love;
  • Unison, two-part singing:
    As angels singing.
    Essentially of the new intervals,
    And Byzantine intervals.
    And the radiances of the Holy Spirit.
  • Do not be afraid:
    Of touching the untouchable,
    To see the invisible,
    As to imagine the incomprehensible.
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