New Music

I have always been interested in what ordinary, ‘lay people’ think about the contemporary music, and herewith – my music; what they experience, what it means for them.

The fact is that many modern, contemporary music usually is written for self-so-called “advanced” audience. They put demand from their listeners to understand intentions in their musical creation. It reflects a very strong egoistic-like stimulating desire for self-importance and self-centralization. How is it possible that a composer doesn’t ask him/her-self to understand the audience, to understand all hearts that will be presented to that music?
The true fact is that there is no the advanced audience. Unfortunately, these composers pretend to “look like advanced, look philosophising, play importance.”

My question is: “how to write a super-contemporary music that will mean something good to children, homeless, old or demented people…?”
Or shall we, the contemporary composers, continue with our posing, playing importance of ourselves?

To do something good using music composition means to do something beautiful. Music doesn’t need to be — beautiful, in the sense of bodily pleasures. It needs to be beautiful for the soul. When a piece of music makes you being better, as a human, than that music is — good and beautiful music. Music that makes us to prosper, to develop, to live.

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