Discourse II

About the essences in music.

1. There are two types of essences in music according to their importance: one of a higher importance and one of a lower importance.

2. The essence of the higher importance is essence defined only by the Spirit – the main notion and idea of music is supremely defined. It  If there is no definition of the Spirit, what do I as a composer create? Do I create something or nothing? If it is something, it must a priori be defined prior to its incarnation.

3. Transition to the second level of essence, is made through intellect’s controlling zero-ego states. It is therefore: a) intellects activity to incarnate ideas of the Spirit; b) ego’s zero state, where no personal affliction can act in the Spirit’s incarnation made by the intellect. For if you try to implement your ego in the music creation, you will disturb the exactness of the creation.

4. The essentiality of the physical level crystallises musical values. As an improvised and free sound, musical values become important increasingly for their spiritual attachment. The unmistakable meaning of the musical values are obtained during the creativity time, although they were by the spirit found accidentally!

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