Composing process – PSALM XIII

In May 2014 I was visiting Amsterdam for several meetings and concerts, and sitting in a cafe for a break, relaxing in the sun, I had got an email. The text was as following: “when will we receive the material? You are late.” Continue reading

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New Music

I have always been interested in what ordinary, ‘lay people’ think about the contemporary music, and herewith – my music; what they experience, what it means for them. Continue reading

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Discourse II

About the essences in music.

1. There are two types of essences in music according to their importance: one of a higher and one of a lower importance. Continue reading

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My New Music

The new music:

  • It must basically be made as a simple construction, the parameters are simple;
  • From this focused simplicity follows a complex spirit. That complex spirit arises through its manifestation (instrumentation, form, layer …);
  • The formal (vertical and horizontal) structure by itself must be very solid. The uniformity of the work is like a steal monument poured out from one part;
  • Unison, two-part singing. Essentially of the new intervals, Byzantine intervals. The essence of the Holy Spirit.
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Discourses of an ascetic

ASCETIC DISCOURSE is a cantata for voice and chamber ensemble. The music is inspired by contemplative text of Abba Philimon, taken from an old Byzantine spiritual collection called “Philokalia” and it is my try to mirror it musically on an intimate, and pure personal, level. Continue reading

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Discourse I

Discourse on spirit and intellect.
1. The activity of productive art is an energetic flow of spirit, intellect and emotion. Continue reading

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On the Guarding…

The following are start and end points of the music:

Start: Measure 1:
The piece starts in a kind of sound genesis, which can be also a universal genesis, beginning of matter, or birth of life, a summation of time. Continue reading

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